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Seasons are now fading into one big year and appropriateness of colours is becoming a thing of the past. The new collection by Caravan bags feature a wool felt bi-cabas that mixes the classic carry-all tote with a smooth finish and beige leather shell and handles. Now as staple as black or white, grey is now considered a monochromatic colour that has a place in the warmer months and cooler days. 

Each Caravan bag is hand made and is created to be functional and wearable. This season there is an emphasis on graphic prints to add some spark. As seen all over the world during fashion weeks, layering prints and textures are the new way of styling. Colour co-ordination or balancing outfits are out and finding interesting ways to introduce more texture into ones look is on. 
The felt cabas is a wonderful way to channel streetstyle trends as well as remain classic with its subtle palette and classic shape.
We only have one of these beauties left it store so get it while you can.
Hollie Van osenbruggen November 19, 2014 10 tags (show)