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The bucket bag has taken hold of the fashion community and become a staple bag that has its' uses within almost everyone's closet. With its undeniably roomy interior, drawstring closure and handsfree ease - just because it is also good looking - it's function keeps this trend from going away anytime soon.

Conforming only to making timeless pieces that are of utmost quality, Caravan's Gypsy bag was crafted for these very reasons. A bucket shaped bag was originally created in 1932 by Louis Vuitton and was named "Noe." It was proposed as the perfect shape for carrying champagne bottles when going to events. Its large & deep interior made it easy to carry up to 5 bottles at a time and because of the drawstring closure - it kept the bottles from moving and getting shaken up.
Now days, we probably don't need to use our Gypsy bags for carrying wine, but you can use it this summer when hiking in the mountains or overseas on a European adventure where comfort, style and safety are key. This also goes for your everyday adventures in your home city.
Hollie Van osenbruggen November 12, 2014 7 tags (show)